I Dare You to Speed

I would never encourage speeding.   That’s why this activity was so fun.

You know those portable “check your speed” units?  They put one up in the middle of our subdivision.  Where you really shouldn’t be going over 20 mph (if that).  So if you’re a fan of the show The Middle you might remember the episode where Axl and his friends try to go as fast as they can and see whose numbers were the fastest.  It made for a hilarious scene.

Turns out it makes for some awesome family fun too.  If you see one, I highly recommend running as fast as you can and seeing what number you get.  It’s even more fun when someone sees you and  busts a gut.  It’s even, even more fun when you finish your family walk and come back to find the rest of the neighborhood (dads and kids) following your example (and seeing that they can’t beat your husband’s high speed).

Yes, in this instance speeding is good ole fashioned family fun.

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