I Got Pranked!

Imagine, me getting pranked by my own children on April Fool’s Day?!

Okay, yes, I knew it would happen.  My first fatal mistake?  After the glee and joy of the Doughnut Plants prank, I went upstairs to get ready for the day.

Sigh. Rookie mistake. My eldest daughter does NOT like to be outdone in the realm of pranks… I blame my two brothers who showed her the early arts of pranking at the tender age of two.  She realized her potential that day and shows signs of being a great prankster.

I came down to all of this (and I didn’t even take pictures of ALL of it!):

I reached for the phone…

I went to get some breakfast (I can’t handle eating doughnuts for breakfast):
I went to get the mail and was FREAKED out when I saw a man in my peripheral vision:

This is where hubby usually sits when he plays his guitar to unwind after a long day.  So, it really cracked me up when Anabelle walked in and said, “Hey, Dad…” and then froze and giggled at herself – since she was part of this prank’s creation!

I sat down in the living room to find that I shouldn’t look at our family photograph because we were, apparently, “having issues.”

At lunch time, I noticed that our bowl of fruit had personalities:

My heart stopped a little when I went to call our dog, Sugar, and found this guy reading Pride and Prejudice instead:

But it wasn’t until someone came through the front door that I found out about this prank:
There were about 3 other pranks that I forgot to take pictures of, but to her credit she kept my April Fools Rule (which came into being after the ketchup incident):  it can’t be messy, it can’t hurt someone physically or emotionally, and it can’t be permanent.

I, however, got the last laugh.

I played into her prank and served ice cream for dinner… and we had chicken fried rice with tons of veggies in it for dessert.  Followed by…

Homemade Fortune Cookies!  They worked so well, and the kids were completely surprised by it.  Anabelle loved the fortune that she was going to lose all her teeth.  And for Sam, well, I added a new one for him that you can only understand by watching this clip:


Sam’s fortune was supposed to say, “You Need to Go Sit On the Pot.”
But by accident, I apparently trimmed the fortune too much and didn’t realize it. He opened it and laughed so hard and handed me the fortune.
It said: “You Need to Go Sit on the Po”
A great day to start National Humor Month!



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