I know, right? Epic Fail!

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In school, I was the kid that fell asleep during lectures, boring meetings, and documentaries.

I could stay awake for the things that genuinely interested me, or if the person spoke with passion, but anytime the voice level was monotone or soft and soothing, I was out.  It wasn’t as if I hadn’t had enough sleep either.

Two most embarrassing moments stick out:  In highschool economics, when the teacher was explaining how to balance a checkbook, I could not–even while writing down the exercises–keep my eyes open.

I already knew how to balance a checkbook.  And the teacher had a calm voice.

Very calming.

Enter head bobbing.  I didn’t know I had succumbed to sleep until I heard my name.  Loudly.

“Heather, please go get a drink of water.  I’m afraid your neck will break.”

Face heated. Bright red.

Second moment: I got a great aerobics teaching job at a hospital right before college.  Except we had to go to a day long policy meeting for all hospital employees.  Not a single thing pertained to me.

Soft voices.  Obviously bored with what they had to teach us.

The worst part – it was a small group of people.  Sitting at a round table.  Everyone watching each other.

I couldn’t help it.  Thankfully, I had a friend who also got the teaching job.  Her snickers and elbows in my arm helped… partly.  I don’t remember a single moment, except for the breaks in the hallway.

I pray my kids don’t inherit this little trait.

It happened again.  This time with a Good Eats episode with Alton Brown.  It’s a good show, a great show.  I enjoy it – the parts that I can stay awake for.  His voice reminds me too much of the economics teacher, I suppose.  I’m out like a light even while sitting up.  My husband can’t believe I don’t retain any of the valuable information from the show.  Zzzzzzzz………

All this to say, that I don’t listen to talk radio in the car. I feel it’s safer that way.  I’m sure you feel safer knowing I don’t listen to talk radio too.

I listen to music, and usually change the channel when the D.J. comes on.  But this morning, as I waited in the 10 min. line to get out of the middle school parking lot, I listened a bit.

A school in Michigan came out with a list of sayings or words that are starting to get annoying.  And they’ve banned them.  Things like “Epic Fail”  and “Bff” and “Lol”.

“Epic fail” makes me laugh.  When teenagers are at my house everything is “EPIC FAIL!” including dropping a spoon, laughing too hard, or having to press pause on a movie to get the phone.  These don’t seem epic to me.  They don’t even seem like fails.

Yet, if I were to make my own list of banned words, or things that have become annoying it would include “Nice.”  That word has come to mean: “hey, that’s funny” or “I can’t believe you just did that!” or “That was rude.”  In the occasion that your feelings have been hurt then it’s “Nice. REAL nice.”

It’s no wonder when I tell the kids, “Be nice” that they look at me blankly, as if trying to decipher what I really mean. Yet, I’m just as guilty as overusing it.  I think I said, “Nice!” 4 times yesterday alone!

What would be on your ban list?  Leave a comment and let me know!

I think we’ll make it a family activity and see what the rest of the family wants to ban.

4 comments to I know, right? Epic Fail!

  • Becky

    Oh my… this is a funny conversation starter. Will have to ask Luke what’s on his list tonight. I definitely would ban “like”- especially when used in the middle of phrases as a space filler. I hear you on the falling asleep thing. I used to fall asleep in college lectures and would walk out with a page of ‘notes’ that were pretty much just lines staight down the page from my pen sliding as my head was nodding. I wish I had saved those!!

  • cheryl

    I think REALLY?!? has to go s-o-o-n. If I said it, then yes really!

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