I Love To Write About Recycling… Okay, Not Really.

Today is I Love To Write Day. John Riddle, founder, chose an appropriate time – directly in the middle of National Novel Writing Month. Kat is engaging in the youth Nanowrimo with a friend and loving it.

I think a great way to celebrate it is to write to someone you’ve been meaning to write to. A real letter… okay, or email. We’re going to shoot for the handwritten letter tonight.

Sam has been inventing his own jokes lately, and I’d love for him to write those down as well.

I’d tell you some of them, except I don’t have permission… he’s afraid you’ll steal them.

So instead, he’s going to be submitting them to magazines in hopes of getting some cash.  Always the entrepreneur.  He’ll settle for fame though, as long as it’s hundreds of thousands of people type of fame.  So if a hundred thousand people visit my blog today, then maybe.

It’s also America Recycles Day. Except that everyone I know already recycles, so I guess that means we can have a good time with it. This website, called Frugal Family Fun, posts ideas on how to recycle almost everything in your house into fun!

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