In the Know

Lately the hubby and I have been wanting our kiddos to know a little of what goes on in the world, yet a full newscast goes into too much detail, leaves them with more questions than answers, and contains frequent commercials and visuals we’d prefer to skip.

Enter CNN Student News, a new find for me.  At 10 minutes long and without commercials, it’s the perfect newscast for our kiddos (not to mention for us!) and has just enough conversation starters without becoming overwhelming.  Anabelle is glad the site has maps below the video so she can see where in the world these countries are located!

It’s a service available for middle school & high school teachers, but it works great for our family thus far! Oh, and our favorite part? They always end on a happy note… (for instance, have you ever heard of FISHING Cats???)

Feel free to check out today’s newscast with us:

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