Inventing A Game

Sam is taking his turn as an unofficial volunteer spokesman for National Anti-Boredom Month. He turned a plain piece of cardboard into a wild game.

Sam decided a board game should be at least as complicated as a video game.  Turns out a lot of video games are complicated!

I will say it was the most interesting game I’ve ever played.  After each round of turns we’d have to play a challenge.  The first challenge we drew instructed us to split up into two teams, facing each other, to see who could blow a standing book over first.

Unfortunately for my team, we were playing against a saxophone player whom I now affectionately refer to as Mr. Hurricane. My hair still hasn’t recovered.

We played another round on the board game and then drew another challenge.  The card instructed us to go to the neighborhood commons area where we would hold hands with our teammates and race!

Do you know how hard it is to race while holding hands?  In low-rise capris!?

Once again, my teammate was unfortunate.  “Mom! Come on!”

“Wait!  My pants are falling down!”   As we walked back home, defeated, I found that this game brought laughter and joy to a lot of people… namely the neighbors whose backyards faced the commons area. Of course, my husband’s victory dance should take some of the credit.

So, if your kiddos are feeling bored see what creative family game they can invent!


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