Invention Inspiration

Yesterday was Compliment Day.  I told my husband that I just wasn’t sure what to do with that except the obvious.

“Whatever you do will be great,” he said.  “You always have the best ideas.”

“Aw, thanks, sweetie” I replied.  It was then that I noticed his smug grin.

Well played, honey.  Well played.

For those of you who asked for an update, our adventure/exploration into the martial arts is still going fantastically.  As instructed by my husband, I am to act as if I’m Cato when hubby (I suppose this makes him Clouseau) comes home from work.  Never boring here.  Never boring.

And finally – the point of this post- For what we’re watching Wednesday, I’m still finishing up an article on encouraging the inventor in your child.  It so happens Rube Goldberg inventions encourage my son. . . especially this ENORMOUS one put together by the music video crew for OK Go. Enjoy!


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