Jack O Lantern Pizza, Toilet Paper Pumpkin & Candy Elevators!

I had the idea to make a jack o’ lantern pizza. It made for some silly family cooking!

Here we will reveal our favorite pizza recipe! You can whip up the dough in a fancy mixer, but we use a breadmaker that some friends picked up for us at a thrift shop for ten bucks! We love it! Have fun this weekend and try it!

Pizza dough: (Note: to appease everyone we make half the crust thick and half thin. It works pretty well.)

Put the following in this order into the breadmaker:

1 cup warm water

2 1/2 t. yeast

1 t. sugar

1 t. salt

2 T oil

3 cups flour

1 T. italian seasoning, 1 t. garlic powder

Press the dough cycle and wait for approx. 1.5 hrs.  It’ll make 2 crusts. (3 if you like thin.) Mike likes to cook the crusts for 8 minutes at 390 before we add the sauce.

We like Ragu Homemade Style Pizza Sauce.

Katarina started chopping the triangles for us. We took the edges she left and chopped them small to go underneath the cheese.

We shred our Tillamook mozzerella, but added a bit of yellow cheese(cheddar or colby jack) in stripes to give a more pumpkin looking effect. Green peppers made the stem.

Throw in the oven until it’s done! Mike recommends switching the pizza from stone to pizza pan for the last few minutes to make it more crispy.  Mike thought ahead and made Sam a gluten-free jack o’lantern pizza too (Sam wanted ham instead of pepperoni).

One day this week, Anabelle came walking through the door with her hands raised high. This is the standard move that means, “Watch out people, I have important homework and things to tell you.”

She announced, “I have to bring toilet paper to school tomorrow. My teacher said I need one roll of toilet paper. NOT USED! She said it CAN’T be used toilet paper.”

The combination of her seriousness and what she was saying cracked us up.

The next day she brought home a toilet paper pumpkin.  I’m not kidding.  Cloth wrapped around a toilet paper roll. Isn’t it cute?  They painted the cloth, wrapped it around the toilet paper and stuck a stick in the middle to hold it together.  It’s now a centerpiece on our table.  I’m certainly glad it’s not used toilet paper too. ( :

Anabelle also brought home a story that said her favorite halloween candy was candy corn.  So I bought some. The thing is, Halloween candy at my  house is DANGEROUS.  I wanted to put the candy out, but I didn’t want it in a bowl where I would easily grab a handful now and then, not really thinking about it.  I wanted it to be slightly hard and a tad annoying process but still look good.

Mike’s french press inspired me.

This morning I was posting these pictures when Sam came down the stairs and said, “Sound proof underwear really would be a good idea.”

I think I snorted up some coffee.
My kids always surprise me.  Too funny.

Tonight, besides being one of the nights the kids in this town trick -or – treat, is also Haunted Refrigerator Night. Time to check the fridge to see if anything is alive or growing in there. ( :

3 comments to Jack O Lantern Pizza, Toilet Paper Pumpkin & Candy Elevators!

  • Joan

    You know what? Sam is right, if you could find a way to make soundproof underwear, I think you could easily sell that patent.

  • Becky

    You know, you could always get a Papa Murphy’s jack-o-lantern pizza, too!! 🙂 Tell Sam that I saw some show that tested out underwear that had filters and things in them to protect the smells from getting out!! If he can add the sound protection, he’d be set!

  • Jennifer Brost

    Tell Sam Greg and Aaron love his idea! However, it would make their lives much less funny if they didn’t hear that wonderful noise anymore!:)

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