Jell-O Week!

It’s Jell-O week!

If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy Jell-O history.  Did you know during the early 20th century that when immigrants arrived at Ellis Island they were served Jell-O?!?

A guy named Cooper had a patent on gelatin but Pearl Wait made it fruity and started Jell-O with strawberry, raspberry, orange and lemon in 1897!

So, to honor the jiggly stuff we’ll be making something fruity.
The kids will love making this one because it sort of looks like a science project (and it’s easy), it’s also on theme for valentine’s day!

Ever since we celebrated popcorn month, my family has wanted to try rainbow popcorn. Turns out the stuff is made with Jell-O. How fitting! The link takes you to the recipe. We’ve heard the berry flavors are best with it.

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