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I am so excited for this holiday week! It starts on Sunday. Given the title of our website, it’s pretty much a given that I love to celebrate creativity.

Bruce Van Patter, a children’s author and illustrator, spearheaded this national week. Given the high-scheduled, performance based culture we live in there is little time for creativity. Yet the skill of creative thinking becomes most fruitful in times of boredom or vulnerability.

I’ve lost track of how many professional artists and inventors credit boredom as the instigator of their work.
If you think about it, creativity is really what adults are referring to when complaining that children don’t know how to problem-solve, think for themselves, etc. Creativity is lost when children spend all day at school, all afternoon/evening at extracurricular activities, and free-time doing homework or sitting down to a video game or a show to rest.

Enough complaining, though; let’s get to the fun part!

Bruce Van Patter put together an entire list of fun things to do this week. Check out the link and scroll down to the bottom to see. A few of the must-see activities for my family include a random headline generator, a story starter, inventing our own scavenger hunt as a family, and food art.

My own creativity starters?

Well, besides writing, over-acting , and general silliness, I enjoy drawing. I find that my kids enjoy it too once they’ve gotten started. So, I pick a favorite cartoon character of theirs and find a drawing tutorial for us all to do. (We love Phineas and Ferb and Penguins of Madagascar.) This gets the ball rolling and before I know it they’re drawing all sorts of things!

Another idea? Remember that game Mouse Trap? Are you familiar with a Rube Goldberg device. If not, check it out, because it’s way fun to come up with one as a family.

Yet another? Check out Steve Spangler the science guy. He’s the master at creativity in science. Sparks the inventor spirit.

I’m sure other ideas will be sparked as the week wears on. We’d love to hear about anything your family does to spark creativity this week!

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