Kids Take Awesome Pictures of Pets

I discovered the book, Pet Photography Now!, when researching an article about animal photographer skills.

Who would have a blast taking adorable pictures of their pet? Kids, that’s who!  So I promptly ran out and got the book for my crew.

Katarina has been the first one to take suggestions to heart.  Check out these photographs of our dog she just snapped:

Never underestimate the power of a treat and the words, “Sit… stay….”

One of the tips is to get the pet to forget you are there, so you catch them acting natural….

The only problem is when other people, like say… your MOM, forget you are there, as well.

Action shots…

DON’T throw the ball towards Mom’s garden though . . .

because the dog will act all, “Who… me?” and the Mom will be mad at the photographer who threw the ball.

In general, take pictures outside with the sun behind you.  But throw in a few with the sun behind the pet, just to see what you get. It could be cool.

Off to take more pics!

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