King’s Day

Today is the epiphany.

I’ve always thought of it as the day to remember when the three kings visited Jesus, but there are so many different takes on it!

In other cultures they celebrate today as a day to remember Jesus being baptized in the Jordan.  Some countries have a priest throw a wooden cross into the icy waters and swimmers jump in after it.  (Was this where the polar bear swim originated, I wonder?)

Other countries bake a fruitcake with a hidden bean inside. Whoever gets the bean is ‘king’ for the day.  And yet others put their shoes out for the kings to leave them presents.

Here in the U.S. some states have a great fruitcake throw to indicate the end of the holiday season.

It all seemed a bit bizarre to me.  But I’m sure our family’s Christmas traditions seem equally bizarre!

We will choose today to remember that God chose to extend his grace through Christ to people outside of the original covenant – to us all.

If you’re a crafting family, this is a cute one.  The people are made from yarn and the accessories are made from beads and pipe cleaner.  

One family has an annual treasure hunt to find little trinkets then discusses what the treasures the kings brought meant.

If your family has any traditions today, please share!

As a side note, don’t throw out your holiday cards just yet.  The kids and I have an idea on how to recycle them for some family fun!

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