Today I’m guest posting at Celebrate Every Day with Me on the subject of raising funny kids.  Hope you visit!

If you want to know more on what makes a child laugh at each development stage, I wrote an article on the topic for a regional family magazine that is available online here.

As it’s National Blueberry Month, I’m reminded of something that happened 5 years ago that I still get teased about – so for Flashback Friday, I’ll share:

This little guy had been through quite the struggle with allergies. Our attempts to help it with diet made a big difference.  A month after avoiding certain foods, he noticed such a difference that he always asked me, “Is this healthy?” before he ate it. That, and, he reminded me, he wants to be taller and stronger than his sister in record time.

So imagine my surprise when last Saturday morning he proclaimed, “I want PIE for breakfast!”

Mike cracked up and said he had to be related to his Grandpa. ( :

But I did happen to have a bunch of frozen blueberries so I told him that later that day we could make a healthy blueberry pie. He lit up. And so we did – it was a ton of work (for someone who isn’t great at cooking) to make the double-crusted healthy version from scratch. We also made chicken and mashed potatoes and broccoli for a full-on yummy dinner.

We finished eating our dinner and I brought out the pie. It was delicious and everyone was enjoying it. Sam’s eyes drifted to the broccoli bowl that still held several pieces. His fork froze in mid-air. “Can I eat the rest of the broccoli?” he asked.

“No.” I sighed, thinking of all the work I had gone to, “you have to finish your pie before you can have more broccoli!”
I froze, replaying the words in my head, but it was too late. Mike hit the table, eyes filling with tears, as his guffaws overtook him – his laughter was contagious.  The kids were giggling hysterically.  Everyone will always remember that Mom thinks eating pie is more important than broccoli.

Sigh.  So if you make a pie for national blueberry month, be careful what you say! ( :

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  • Tamsyn - Max & Me

    You made me laugh out loud with this :) I think I would fall over backwards if my son asked me for more broccoli!

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