Leprechaun Trap


We’re starting to brainstorm new leprechaun traps to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day.  Inventors should always look over their previous designs, so here’s one from two years ago that I thought for sure would work!

Sam wanted to make sure our trap didn’t look suspicious. This science project was his brainchild. Anabelle offered up her special rocks including the GOLD that she sifted in the Wild West on a preschool trip. We glued the small gold bits to a bigger rock.  Then the family, um, scientifically labeled the remaining rocks.

Again, not to look suspicious, we needed something that looked sort of like a lamp decoration over the table.

You see, the Leprechaun would attempt to pick up the gold (that is attached to a bigger rock) which would release the rope and send the trap slamming down.

Unfortunately, our plan still didn’t work.

EWwwww. green slime all over our science project (the kids shouted Hooray as Mom hates slime) and a pile of gold – no, actually yummy chocolate covered caramels.
Happy kids and a happy St. Patty’s Day!

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