Lil Pumpkins and Smores

You know those cute little pumpkins? I had a grand idea. What if those little pumpkins were sitting around a jack o lantern roasting marshmallows?

Family Fun had an idea where a jack o’ lantern was eating the pumpkins on a kabob.  Funny, but a little gruesome for the preschoolers in our neighborhood. They had a separate idea where a jackolantern is sitting with a stick of roasted marsmallows sitting against it… just for show.

Our idea is a lot more kid-friendly but we’re taking it in steps.

Step 1:  Decorate the little pumpkins with funny faces

Step 2:  Insert green pipe cleaners (like vines) for arms

Step 3: Wrap the pipe cleaner around a small stick, or short pencil (hot glue if necessary to hold in place)

Step 4: Stick a marshmallow on top of the stick and arrange the lil pumpkins around a jack o’lantern!

We only did Step 1 as a jack o lantern doesn’t last very long – like only a few days no matter what you do (according to this Science Project) but it was fun!

If you end up making your lil pumpkins roast marshmallows around a jack o’ lantern, please send me your pics!  I’d love to see!

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