Recently, I have developed a love/hate relationship with running.  Like Leslie Knope, I use pro/con lists to make decisions.  Here’s my pro/con list for running:

I love it because I get to run with my husband and it’s like a daily scheduled date.

My dog gets to run with us and stops acting like a backhoe in my backyard.

We run in timed interval, meaning that we feel like we’re super speedy fast while we’re actually running. In fact, it turns more into a fun-loving race between the two of us.  And people who drive-by at those moments remark that we look like these amazing runners (not joggers) and we amaze them that we can run so fast while looking like non-athletes, good-looking non-athletes. Disclosure:  People who drive-by are remarking with their nonverbal face expressions – I’m just really good at reading them.

We run with soundtrack music during said intervals so we totally feel like we can relate to action heroes when we watch movies.

We run so amazingly that princesses come out and watch.

Then present us with lavish gifts of smiling fruit… and permanent marker on the counter*


Phooey.  I knew I should’ve started with the cons, cause I can’t remember any at this moment.

And if you’re feeling skeptical by my proclamation of love for running, don’t worry – it’s International Skeptics Day – the feeling is totally normal on this day and will likely pass tomorrow.

*Thanks to Facebook people who told me how to remove permanent marker off the counter!


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