Mashed Potatoes in the Ears: Every Kid’s Dream

My morning started with my son saying, “I’ve still got mashed potatoes in my ears!”

Add that to the list of things I never thought I’d hear from my children.

Last night, I drove my son and friend to his first middle school youth group event, aptly named “Crud Wars.”

In the back seat I listened as the boys compared guesses as to what it would be like.

Overheard:  “I hope it’s as fun as I imagine.”

“This will cross off another thing on my list.”

“What list?”

“The list of things I want to do with my life.”

The boys were dropped off with safety goggles and clothes that they wouldn’t mind if their parents threw away shortly.

Two hours later, I covered the seats with beach towels and picked the boys up.  “Was it as good as you imagined?”


So what made the ultimate crud wars every kids’ dream?  Here are some of the ingredients to this ultimate food fight:

Waterballoons filled not with water but with soda pop and lemonade.

Flour sacks

Cooked spaghetti noodles

Bottles of ketchup and mustard

A baby pool filled with instant mashed potatoes

A hose to wash everyone off after the epic battle.  (Clearly this doesn’t hose out your ears.)

Now my other children and their friends are begging for a family version of crud wars in the backyard.  I’m preparing for battle!  Have you ever done a food fight?

4 comments to Mashed Potatoes in the Ears: Every Kid’s Dream

  • janet

    And where are the pictures of this fabulous event?!

  • Elisa | blissfulE

    Love that this was on his bucket list!! :)

  • michelle

    OMG that sounds like soooo much fun!! What a cool mom you are to let him go AND to be up for a home version. (ya know I might too cause it just sounds like a blast and you will be the coolest mom on the block!) I was in a food fight in 10th grade, after roller skating we went to a fast food place while waiting for our parents, it was a so much fun but the manager of the joint locked the doors until we cleaned it up :( so that burst our bubble and havent been in one since – its time! too bad summers over I’ll have to wait for my home version! hugs! Michelle W

  • Angela

    Yes! We did this in our youth group 10+ years ago, we had the instant potatoes, mac n cheese and they had freezer chests full of soggy bread! Yuck, we had so much fun, I will never forget it. I picked instant potatoes out of my scalp all night because some boy washed my head in it. It was a blast.

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