Men Make Dinner Day

Long ago, when our munchkins were too young to really engage in a conversation, Mike made a comment that he hoped his son would grow up and be able to joke around with him– that they’d share the same sense of humor.

As such, as Sam has grown, Mike has egged him on about little things.  When he was a ring bearer, Mike would tell him to growl like a bear because he was a ring bear. And when he started school he’d teasingly tell Sam to answer questions in a funny manner.

Then Sam’s papers started coming home this year.

In a Get To Know You paper under “Favorite Subject” Sam wrote: Is this going to be on the test?

After the question, “Where’s a place you’ve wanted to go?”  Sam wrote: I want to be somewhere, because I wouldn’t want to be nowhere.

I think it’s safe to say that, like his dad, Sam hates busy work. It’s also safe to say that you can find Sam & his dad joking around and laughing at each other on any given day.

Speaking of the men in the family, it’s Men Make Dinner Day!  Except, and don’t hate me for this, my man frequently cooks dinner.  He excels at cooking.  When he starts chopping and sauteing, it’s almost as if you can see him switch into a meditative mode and you best not disturb his creative genius until it’s done cause it’s gonna be yummy!!!

So, I thought it might be nice to give my man the night off, and try to engage the young man into making dinner.

Sam actually used to be excited about cooking, and even took a cooking class, until he came home with this realization:  “I discovered I liked eating the food more than making it.”

Yep, he’s my son. ( :

So, we’ll be going through Family Fun’s Cooking with Kids recipes to find something yummy and fun!

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