Milk and Honey and the Best of the Land

Did you know there are 62 mentions in the Bible of honey!  Possibly the most well-known mention is God’s promise to send the Israelites to a land flowing with milk and honey.

 In honor of September being National Honey Month, here’s a family fun bible project you can do together:

Read Genesis 43:11 where Israel has his sons pack up the “best of the land” to offer Joseph:  honey, pistachios, and almonds.

What you’ll need:

Honey caramels (or Bit-O-Honey candies)

Honey-roasted almonds


Be very aware of nut allergies before participating in this project. 

Give the children bowls and allow them to put a scoop of each nut and a handful of caramels into a bag before telling them that it’s the “Best of the Land.”  (If you’re doing this for children’s church you could give them baggies with labels – a great talking point for when they go home.)

God kept promising a land flowing with milk and honey.  So what’s so great about honey?

I've got lots of bees! I sure hope I soon have lots of raspberries too!

See what the children know about honey as they snack on their own honey caramels.

Honey has antibacterial properties, works as a food preserver, is filled with antioxidants and healthy enzymes, and makes good flavors taste yummier while decreasing nasty flavors in foods.

Beyond that, it can make your throat feel better when you’re sick and work better than over-the-counter medicines (according to Penn State researchers) as a cough suppressant!

Can you spy the bee who didn't like me taking pictures?

The 60,000 or so bees in a beehive may collectively travel as much as 55,000 miles and visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar to make just a pound of honey.  Did you know that the taste of the honey will all depend on what types of flowers the bees visit?  As a result, in the United States alone, there are over 300 varieties!

Now can your kiddos understand why honey would be so exciting to the Israelites?


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2 comments to Milk and Honey and the Best of the Land

  • maryanne @ mama smiles

    I love honey! I actually use it to wash my face, which sounds really weird, I know, but it works better than anything else I’ve tried. Read about it on a friend’s blog :)

  • Elisa | blissfulE

    Ever since we celebrated National Honey Week here in Australia, we’ve been eating the cinnamon-infused honey we picked up at House o’ Honey… delicious!

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