The beginning of the week.  I usually enjoy Monday but the temperature took a nasty dive last night and I just want to crawl back in bed. Brrr.

A few non-related items:

The Princess Leia hair was a big hit with my daughter.  There’s a secret to the bun that surprised me – a sock!  It also highlighted for me that I really enjoy playing with my girls’ hair.

Bible time is still going strong here. We’re attempting to read the bible chronologically in a year to see how the whole thing fits together and hopefully have some meaningful conversations. We are over a third of the way through, a fact we celebrate, and our reading lately has consisted of some in 2 Samuel and some in Chronicles.

The thing is, the passages are often EXACTLY the same.  We’ll get started in the Chronicles portion and the kids will shout out, “Hey! We’ve already read this!”On the bright side, they’re happy we get to skip if it’s a repeat.

Anabelle raised an eyebrow.  “I’m beginning to see why the Bible is so thick.”  (Just wait until we get to the New Testament.) Since she’s writing her own chapter book and working on the “Table of Continents” she thinks they could have planned better to avoid repetition.

Every few days our reading has us in Psalms. One particular psalm seemed to sum up every event we’ve read thus far this year. (It was a LONG psalm.)  It was Sam’s turn to sigh.  “Couldn’t we have just started with this chapter?”

Otherwise, it’s still going well, but everyone agrees that this won’t be a yearly tradition.

Heads up on this week:

It’s Eggs Month.  Sure, we could have done a bunch of stuff the first week of May but it was just too close to Easter and quite frankly, we were sick of eggs. But this week, it’s eggs-periment palooza!

Also, if you’ve counted how many days OFF the kids have had since school has started you might, like us, be nearing 100 days. This Saturday we will celebrate 100 days of NO School since school has started.

See you tomorrow!


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