Movie Night!

Family Movie Night is always treat. There was a time this summer that we watched Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone with the family, and I surprised the kids with a “trolley” of unusual candy (jellybeans of mysterious flavors, etc.) and popcorn and cream soda (closest thing I had to butterbeer) at the same time as the movie scene of the trolley on the train.  Later, at the scene of the Great Hall, out came dinner for us to eat in the living room. The kids LOVED it.

I haven’t done a themed family night in a long time.  So I was thrilled when I found two websites with tons of preplanned family movie nights!  Disney’s site looks promising with broad categories like sports movies, superhero movies, and Shrek movies.

Then a site called PluggedIn, a parental movie review site, has a section with tons of movies for kids and teens with Movie Night Guides attached to each.  Basically it just has a small ‘family activity’ and points to discuss as a family for each movie.

PluggedIn has more current movies to choose from, but Disney offers more silly things, like making a fake snake before watching Indiana Jones.  I think I’ll draw a little from both for tonight!

Happy Movie Night!

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1 comment to Movie Night!

  • Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    Sounds like fun! I’m off to check them out, and probably bookmark them too! I love the idea of a themed movie night — very cool!!

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