Moving with Kids

Apparently it’s National Rebuild Your Life month so in honor of this unusual ‘holiday’ we’ve decided to move.


We are moving, though.  Hence the reason I didn’t post anything yesterday.

Because when you pack with kids it simply isn’t fun.

So this week, I’ve been pondering moving.  I realized that it’s the 14th time that I have moved.  This time, though, we only have to move 3 blocks away and no one has to go through the emotional upheaval of changing schools and jobs and friends and grocery stores.

Still, it’s a move and here are my tips on moving with children:

1. Don’t.

But if you still are gonna anyway, I recommend asking everyone to stop having a life or hobbies.

Because when you start packing you will suddenly be wondering why on earth you started scrapbooking (lots of supplies), why your husband had to be so darn good at music (all the instruments), why your children ever learned to read and happen to love it (all those books), and why they must have friends to play with(all those toys).  Suddenly eating organic whole foods with your bare hands will suddenly seem so much preferable to pots and pans.

You will never regret the coffee maker or wine goblets though.

But that could just be me.

Seriously, try to have one fun thing planned each day during the moving process.  Even at the point of exhaustion this will help everyone sleep better.  For us, last night we took a bike ride to a park.  This morning  I kicked the children and husband out the door for an hour to honor National Fishing Day.

Today, I plan to sneak off with my hubby and get a latte and walk around Lowe’s first to get our list and then to just dream. We also plan to sneak off to a dollar matinee as a family.

And, make sure there are plenty of fun things to do outside for the kids while you work indoors. (They’ll drive you crazy if you keep them working past small increments.)

So why is Anabelle smiling during this move?  Notice she’s covered in sidewalk chalk . . . and she remembers that when it comes down to it, moving is an exciting adventure!  And no matter what, this move will certainly be better than the last one!



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