My Garden

I’m relatively new to gardening… okay, I’m very new to gardening.  And I’m even newer to the concept of organic gardening, but after watching Food Inc. I’m more eager than ever to learn more!

I’m also a couponer, which means I found myself on a site to get coupons for organic veggies. Before they let you print it you have to read a short article and take a quiz.  I ended up learning a lot about what pests farmers hope for, and suddenly felt immensely blessed. In my tiny raised garden bed, I have bees in the blossoms daily, and ladybugs crawling around the leaves, and finally… this guy (or gal)… the praying mantis.  I hope all these desired pests stick around and keep my garden happy (and my kids happy).

Kat and Mr. Praying Mantis act out a scene from Kung Fu Panda 2

(No praying mantis was harmed in the making of this photograph. Just mom’s heartrate who can’t BELIEVE her children like to pick up and hold pests… even if they are beneficial!) *shudder*

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