My Name Means WHAT?!

Today is “What’s In A Name?” Day.

A day where, if you don’t know, you find out what your name means.

We found out that a lot of names have different interpretations.  For instance, in one book, Samuel means “His Name Is God.”

I raised an eyebrow and kept looking until I found what I had thought it meant, “God heard.”

Katarina means pure.  “What’s my middle name mean though?” she asked.

“A sea of bitterness, beauty, and grace,” I answered.

She stared at me.  “So I’m a pure sea of bitterness, beauty, and grace?”

I shrugged. “I guess so.”

She smiled. “I’ll take it.”

Anabelle, in one book, meant grace and beauty, while in another it meant “favored by God.”

She liked them all.

Want to find out what your names mean? Here’s one place to start.

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