National Card and Letter Writing Month

April is, among many other things, National Card and Letter Writing Month.

I’m assuming that Anabelle’s best friend, Thea, from Washington State didn’t know this (maybe she did), but nevertheless Thea demonstrated how happy a letter or card can make someone.
And sure, maybe the envelope filled with candy helped the surprise element, but still…

the first thing she said wasn’t “Can I eat it?”, instead it was, “I can’t wait to write her back! I know just what I’m going to say!”

Then Sam walked in, and AFTER he asked to eat some candy he smiled and thought about writing a friend he had back in Washington.

The kids have similar reactions whenever their Grandpa writes them a hand-written letter.  Sure, being in the digital generation they’d rather type an instant email to respond, but the fact is they get more excited with receiving a hand written letter than receiving an email.

So, I encourage you to follow Thea’s example and write someone a letter this week!

Anabelle remarks, “Candy is encouraged, but optional.”


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