National Day of the Cowboy

On National Day of the Cowboy, you are to dress in your favorite Western wear.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have any, so we tried to make a cowboy hat out of newspaper . . . and miserably failed.  It looked more like a bowler hat with a fold in the top.

So . . . we settled for . . .

baseball caps! Yeah, I know.  Just go with it.  We have good imaginations.

I asked the kids to help me develop a cowboy-themed dinner.  Here’s their menu:

Hamburgers, Watermelon, Freshly Snapped Green Beans, steamed, then slathered in butter and salt, and Deviled Eggs.

Deviled Eggs on Cowboy Day?  Yeah, I don’t know.  Again, just go with it.

And the most important activity on Day of the Cowboy?

The cowboy nap.  (Imagine cowboy hat and western shirt instead of NASCAR fan-looking apparel.)

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