National Grouch Day

I find it hilarious that a middle school teacher in Michigan founded this day.  I imagine that the first National Grouch Day was most likely on a Monday, not a Friday, but you never know.

Last night, hubby and I stayed up way too late–hours later than our normal bedtime, high from going to a very well done mission fundraiser event. We went to the dinner, almost thinking we were doing the missions a favor by going, but instead we were given so much.  The worship was phenomenal, the ‘speaker’ of the night turned out to be a professional actor performing a drama that had so many discussion-worthy, thought-provoking aspects to it, and good company.

All that to say, we didn’t get much sleep.

I didn’t know that I was preparing for Grouch Day.

Do the grouch with me. Grumble, coffee, coffee, coffee…

Phooey. Two cups of coffee and I’m not grumpy anymore.  Maybe you’ll have better luck with it.

Tonight, I think we’ll play that game where you must NOT smile. And each person takes a turn and says, “Honey, if you love me, will you please smile?”  And the person they said it too must respond, without smiling, by saying, “Honey, I do love you but I just can’t smile.”

The object, of course, is to try to make people smile. It sounds like the perfect Grouch Day dinner game to me.

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  • Sara

    What a fun picture to go along with “Grouch Day”!

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