National Oceans Week

It’s National Oceans Week. Who doesn’t love the ocean? But it’s more than that, there is so much to learn from the oceans, so much to marvel at…

And if you aren’t close to an ocean, then the next best thing is a family night watching Oceans!

A warning/tangent:
If you have little or squeamish kids (I count myself in this category), then there is a little formula the documentaries follow that I find helps me to anticipate the ‘oh no!’ icky moments.

First, they show you the cute animals… and the music that goes along almost says, ‘Do you like them yet? Do you like them? How about now?’ until you are emotionally attached to the little critters.

Then, gradually the music takes on a darker tone. This is when you should start fast forwarding because this is when the predator shows up and takes down most of the cute critters… like the cute turtles coming out of the sand for instance.

Otherwise, a beautiful film that allows you to drop your jaw in wonder at the oceans and what they hold.

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