National Pomegranate Month

Last year, we figured out how to open a pomegranate and it was magical. So now, once a year (because those things are so expensive!) we buy one pomegranate and it is STILL magical. So, before November ends, go celebrate National Pomegranate Month. There’s a coupon for one here !

This year we found a new resource reminding us how to properly eat them. It’s highly entertaining! As you watch, I recommend you give each child a section so they can do it themselves. It’s quite fun.

And last year’s experience for us:


We did it. And you would’ve thought it was a science experiment.

Everyone was fascinated. Anabelle thought it was cool that the seed casing looked like honeycombs, and each child wanted a turn to harvest the arils.

We all ate handfuls, and even sprinkled them on our yogurt. Yum.

As usual, conversation around the table ends in giggles.

Tip: Learn about the pomegranate before eating it. For instance, if you have diverticulitis don’t partake. But most importantly, and most relevant, read about how India considers this fruit the perfect way to cleanse your system out. Wish we knew that before everyone ate handfuls.

It was a loud night. If you catch my drift…

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2 comments to National Pomegranate Month

  • Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me

    I was just walking by the pomegranates in the grocery store last night wanting to buy one, but not really knowing what to do with it. Thanks! Next week, I’ll be bringing one home. Looks like fun. And thanks for the head up about the cleansing! Love how you worded it. :)

  • laxsupermom

    I love pomegranates and love sprinkling the arils on my salads, but had no idea about the divirticulitis thing. My FIL has that, and I’ll have to make sure not to add any to any meals that he’s at the table for. Thanks for sharing.

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