New Evening Routine

We have a game called Mad, Sad, or Glad that we do at the dinner table. Really, it’s just a chance for everyone to share something about their day.  Although recently, thanks to a friend, we’ve changed it up a bit and do best, worst, and funniest.

After school is also a time to talk as they have a snack and begin to dive into homework.

Yet, like a lot of people I know, sometimes my kiddos get to bed, finish reading and… can’t sleep.  They start thinking about the next day and getting wound up.  It seems to me this really starts hitting around 4th grade. At least it did for Katarina.  Now it’s Sam’s turn.

And once again, I’m reminded how different boys and girls can be, because the arsenal I gave Kat to help her work through any worries or thoughts to get to sleep, doesn’t work for Sam.

What is working?

Get ready for bed.  Pajamas on, read a chapter of your book, then come downstairs and do an evening workout with Mom and Dad.  The Dad part is most important; I don’t see him doing this with just me.

It’s short (7 minutes, I believe) and quite frankly, fun.  And I feel like I could fall asleep as the credits roll. But instead, we give Sam hugs and he falls asleep quickly.  I hope it continues….I know I’ve been sleeping better.  Feel free to try it!

They have a morning workout too, but I’m not ready to wake kids up any earlier. ( :

3 comments to New Evening Routine

  • Cass

    As this video was very informative. I personally would like to see Mr. Mike in a very similar video. Maybe also in say a Hawaiin print outfit. I look forward to seeing this video very soon.

  • Jennifer Brost

    Thanks for the kudos! “Glad” to hear best, worst, funniest continues. We’ve now added a time for questions/comments after each person shares. Sometimes, we all share the worst, then best, funniest, etc.
    Miss you all!

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