I know a lot of people have a summer bucket list.  We don’t have a specific one, but I have been musing over what things my kids haven’t experienced yet and trying to work it in.  Little things – like they just played their first game of HORSE (basketball) last weekend.

Today?  Today, they are trying Kool-aid, a drink that I have pretty much forbidden to have in my house since I’ve had kids.  Until today.  So, we bought the cheap little packet and went over the ‘proper’ way to make the stuff, namely using hot water to dissolve it & the sugar then adding ice cubes and cold water.

I warned them that it has super staining power so they must carefully walk to the table with it and nowhere else.

‘Mmmm….’, ‘Interesting…’, ‘It’s okay…’   were the mumblings as they gulped down a mug of the stuff.

Then I told them to get ready to go to the library.

“HEY!  What the…?”  came the reply from the bathroom.

Anabelle came storming out.  “You said this stuff would stain carpet but you didn’t mention FACES?!?”

“Yeah, we look like clowns,” Sam said.

They didn’t take kindly to me bursting out laughing… at first.

Then they asked to drink some more to make people at the library laugh.

I think when they’re grown, they will most likely remember drinking Kool-aid.

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