Not Just for Little Kids

Once upon a time, many years ago, my little ones loved to spend hours putting little beads on these peg boards.  Then, they’d anxiously await while Mom hunted to find the iron (for it was never used except to fuse together their personal artwork).

Many creative pieces were developed and displayed.  But alas, the little ones grew and grew and the box of magic beads disappeared behind a soup thermos no one used. Until…

Anabelle caught me reading an article on fusing glass into artwork.  We have a local place that offers family classes for free on certain days (I’m so excited!).

Suddenly Anabelle was asking about those beads and boom!  My table was filled with kids from 2yrs – 16 yrs old making creations!  And, I had to go find that blasted iron again. ( ;  Plus, I had lost the ‘special’ ironing paper – but parchment is the perfect substitute.

But on a day where the temperatures are past 100 and you don’t really want to be outside, this is such a fun and quiet and creative activity.  I have no affiliation with PerlerĀ® Beads but seeing the kids and teens so enthralled, I check out their site.

Get this:  If you make a creation (like Sam’s, above) and upload it, then you get a free pattern – this month it’s Olympic runners!  (How cool is that?)

And, they also have a free link so you can upload a photo and then turn it into a free pattern to make out of the beads.

In my opinion, a great tool to use for National Anti-Boredom Month.

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