Oh It is Snowing… Oh, Never Mind

We have only had one real day of snow this past winter, and it was the Snow Day that I fully documented.

So, Sunday morning, when we awoke to snow pouring down, the kids got VERY excited.

Within a few hours we had a rollercoaster of emotions.

Our dog, Sugar, will illustrate:

“Yes!  It’s snowing! Yippee!”

“I LOVE playing in the snow, it’s so much fun!”

“Huh. It’s barely snowing anymore. Bummer.”

“I’m tired and the snow is already melting. Can I come in?”

During the short time that we had snow, Katarina tried her hand at snow sculpting.  By afternoon, it looked like this:

Where it once looked like it was catching the snow flakes, now it looks like it’s praying for them.

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