One Last Pumpkin

We had some cool jack o lanterns this year.  Sam was inspired by his uncle and had done a Snape jack o lantern.

Mike was inspired by Sam, and made a Phineas jack o lantern. Katarina was inspired by her dad and . . . oh, well you get the idea. A whole lot of inspiration was flying around everywhere and we had cool trick or treat pumpkins.  So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled, literally, upon this:

“We should carve it!” the kids shouted.  And since I hadn’t had a turn carving in October, I volunteered to do the job.  Except when I turned it around…

it looked pretty disturbed.  And when I turned it some more…

well, we think the pumpkin zombies gave him quite a fright, and decided on a new tradition:  We pardon one pumpkin each year.

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