Origami Avengers

I’ve talked about Origami Yoda before, but now my children have figured out how to make origami anything.  Once you know the basic design, my children tell me it’s easy.  Right now, my house is ruled by Origami Avengers, but instead of schawarma they want Rice Krispies™ bars.  Especially Hulk and Agent Fury.  They can’t get enough of the stuff.

But maybe that’s because they also work as finger puppets.  Hmmm.

Sam also decided to be Origami Yoda for trick or treat. After he started work on it, he found out that there is actually an Origami Yoda costume contest!

He’s still hard at work on his costume.  If you decide to join in the fun, here’s a tip we’ve discovered during engineering:  Remember that you are not flat like Origami.  That is all. May the folds be with you.

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