Our Annual Backwards Day

It is our tradition to host an annual backwards day to say goodbye to summer and say hello to the school year. Usually, each child has a friend over for the entire day but this year I wanted hubby to get to experience it too. So we made it a family thing.
The mornings always start the same:
We wake up to greetings of Goodnight! We say our names backward. The kids try to get away with using my first name since ‘Mom’ sounds the same backwards.
After a smoothie (bedtime snack), we have dessert (some popcorn and a very small treat) and lounge in our pajamas watching a little television.

Since we often go fishing on Labor Day, we did what we thought would be the opposite:
We pet sharks!

And by ‘we’, I mean the kids. Because it freaked me out too much.

I couldn’t even handle petting this guy.

Probably because my attention was on this unusual guy who comes out of the sea floor and…

starts to dance!   I think they are eels but they look like dancing snake worms to me.  After a backward adventure, we ended the day with the traditional breakfast.  In years past we’ve done doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, and omelets. But this year . . .

we all craved seafood!  No, we joked around about it, but actually we did something even better…

we  let our daughter cook us whole-grain pancakes.  And I discovered that food is extra delicious when your children make it for you… assuming they know how to cook.

Happy Backwards Day from Rehtaeh, Ekim, Mas, Tak, Ellebana, and Ragus!

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