Welcome to Summer

Need some ideas to put on your summer list?  My kids are willing to share their list:





I’m a big believer in handing off the camera to kiddos.  Kids take pictures at angles you might never have thought of – at least I never did.

Things you see every day suddenly look very cool with a different perspective,

in a different light.

And, then, there are other times that the kids simply steal my camera for a school project.

And even then, it’s a reminder to look at LIFEĀ® a little differently.


Art Time

Using only pastels, my youngest colored this for me.  Ah, perfect timing too.  It still feels and looks like winter outside, but my inner clock is ready for spring and flowers!  She said the secret to her drawing is to outline everything in black to make it pop.  It makes me want to pick up the pastels!

I wonder if city dwellers would be more cheerful if our buildings were a bit more colorful.

A hilarious project to get kiddos to work on perspective. Entitled, “Oops! I forgot my parachute!”   I told her the title was a bit dark for my taste. I think it should be called, “On the trampoline and about to land on Mom.”


Fear on Valentine’s Day – A Lockdown

My heart was really pumping today after a phone call asking me if I’d seen the police cars surrounding my son’s middle school.

The next ten minutes were spent scanning the news channels and fielding phone calls to find out what was going on.  Then a news headline popped up:  Armed Suspect in Middle School.

My first instinct?  Run to the school.

Thankfully my husband was there.   Hundreds of parents gathered at a nearby church where police updates were being relayed.  Armed suspect turned into man with an ax.  Soon the story turned into a student with an ax.  And, thankfully,  mercifully… after two hours of heart-pounding stress… the result was a student had been asked to bring in an army folding shovel for a WWII lesson and it had been mistaken for a weapon.   Poor kid – he had no idea he was the cause of stress– we think he’s likely to be doomed for a long time to be called “the ax man” or “Digger.”

Relief.  Many parents rushed to the school and waited in long lines for over an hour to get their child.  While, we decided our son could continue classes that day, I could understand the impulse.  I was worried how he handled the lock down.

We learned that in that situation, the kids locked their classroom doors and all the students had to hide behind the teacher’s desk.  Sam thought it was a drill until all the kids heard sirens… then fifteen minutes later, the cops unlocked the door, burst in with their guns and shouted, “Police! Hands up!” while they searched for an ax. Then they instructed the teacher to relock the door and the lockdown continued.

My two other kids, at separate schools, were also on lockdown for extra precaution.  My eldest brought home pictures of the cops outside of the middle school –even though she was at a highschool a mile away!  Those teens know how to text fast and furiously!  My own daughter continued the texting chain but accidentally texted a wrong number with one sentence:  “Ax murderer!”   (Oh dear.)

All that to say, my heart is happy my kids are safe today.   We had a lot to talk about on this Valentine’s Day… and for some comedic relief one teacher told students about a lockdown because of a bear on the playground, but our favorite story?  A lockdown because of a giant burrito.  Check it out.