Patriot’s Day

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Patriot’s Day, not to be confused with Patriot Day (September 11), is a day where we remember the beginning battles of the American Revolutionary War.  Often there are reenactments of Paul Revere’s famous ride.

For our family, however, we gather round and tell stories of Mike’s relative, Peter Humrickhouse, that throughout the course of the war was honored 3 times by George Washington.  We were surprised this year, after a little more research, to find that Peter was right there with Washington (and 2500 other men) at the famous crossing of the Deleware.  They battled their way through the icy river to sneak up and surprise attack!

After the fight, Washington named Humrickhouse Officer of the Day and commissioned him to carry the truce flag and bury their dead.

Much later, Washington assigned Peter Humrickhouse to get gunpowder to the troops in Yorkstown and Fredericksburg. But how was he to get past the British?!

Humrickhouse snuck it in whiskey barrels!  The kids love hearing this tale of bravery and resourcefulness (with a super-size order of sneaky).

Have you ever looked at your genealogy with the kids?  For our family, it helps make history come alive!

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