Breaking the News about New Year’s Eve to the Kids

Last night, Mike and I realized that our eldest won’t be with us on New Year’s Eve… she’s going to a youth group party complete with sumo-wrestling suits and Wii tournaments on giant big screens.

It’s a weird thought for both Mike & I… after all, last year was the first year the whole family stayed awake until after midnight.

Here’s a clip (used with the kids’ permission) of the moment when they found out what is supposed to happen at midnight. My favorite moment is the last second–look closely at Anabelle’s eyes.

They ended up accepting a kiss on the cheek from Mom and were relieved I didn’t make them kiss anyone else. ( :

Finding things to suit the youngest to the oldest can be challenging, but it will no doubt be fun!

So, I’m planning. Big party or small gathering? Buffalo chicken dip or buffalo wings? Decisions, decisions…

The kids received flashlights from an Uncle who gave them the idea of flashlight tag. I’m not sure I’m up for running around the house on New Year’s Eve but flashlight limbo sounds like a good time.

Do you have any good New Year’s Eve ideas for a family?

This is also the time where I start cleaning up my computer after a year’s worth of picture and video. I love to do a collage of what’s happened and look back and reflect. Then look forward…

What about you?

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