Playdough Charades

We have a friend who broke her arm during a game of Charades.

When she first told us how it happened, we all wondered how that could be possible, until I started reflecting on how our children get during charades — like when they’re acting out a snowball fight, or pillow fight, or water fight, or . . . come to think of it, they always seem to pick some kind of fight.  Hmm.

Anyway, our friend’s arm is fully functional now, but if you ever ask her if she wants to play Charades she says “NO!” before you get the question fully out of your mouth. Which is what I would do too in her place.

All that to say, it got me thinking. . .   Remember that game Cranium?  My kids loved getting people to guess the answers with the playdough, except the stuff in the game was always itty bitty and sticky and slimy.  So… playdough charades!  Try it! It’s fun!

This was a kitty acting sweetly at a door in hopes of getting milk.

I was so worried about what the little balls in front of them were that I ran out of time.  Turns out they were eggs.  Daddy penguins watching the eggs.

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