Preparation for April Fool’s Day!

It’s Spring Break, which means 9 full days of celebrating at home, which also means chaos and playdates and baking and inventing and… did I mention chaos?

Yet Friday is April Fool’s Day, and I would be a fool not to do some prep work!

The worst April Fool’s Day prank? When my son, a couple years ago, got some ketchup packets and placed them between the lids of the commode so that when someone sat then… well, you get the idea. He’d be in BIG trouble if not for the fact his dad knew about it ahead of time!

The best pranks?
Leaving a voicemail at my husband’s work, in a funny accent, asking him to call Mr.Lyon and leaving the zoo’s phone number.

Using the find/replace feature of Microsoft Word so that whenever the user typed ‘the’ it wrote instead ‘Happy April Fool’s Day!’.

And, my personal favorite, planting watermelon starter seeds and when the kids woke up they found a baby watermelon sitting on top of the starter.

It took them a moment, but they LOVED that joke. Which is why I like this plant joke from Family Fun Magazine:
Doughnut Seeds in the form of Cheerios! Planted ahead of time, they might just produce a box of doughnuts for Friday morning. We’ll see.

Or, a project idea that I’ve had since Christmas: do-it-yourself fortune cookies!

I’ll make some chicken fried rice (or get some take out depending on how the day goes) and slip some of these homemade cookies with the meal!  Instead of typical fortunes, I plan on slipping in the following ‘truths’ for the kids:

You Will Lose All Your Teeth

Your Clothes Are Gradually Shrinking

Your Mom is Hiding Some M&Ms to Put In Her Popcorn

And for hubby, as I think of an upcoming Goodwill trip:

Your Clothes Will Start Disappearing Soon

Do you have any great April 1st ideas?  We have banned the rubber band around the sink sprayer prank!

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