Prepping for the Olympics

How do you get your kiddos excited about the Olympics? For us, we started with watching Cool Runnings.
Yes, I know that’s Winter Olympics, but still…

Then we watched some Olympic Trials – did you see the one where the winner kept on swimming after he won? Kids thought that was hilarious.

Second, we pulled out some maps and puzzle maps. I like that the kids know where each Olympian is from in their mind’s eye.  We started with the United States.

The kids quickly assembled the puzzle then Sam got a funny look in his eyes and said,

Then they all laughed hysterically and couldn’t wait to pull out the next puzzle:

the WORLD!

So we’re ready for the Olympics!  That, and I think there should be another Olympic event:  DogBathing.

I speak from experience  (ten minutes ago).

Each country would need a team of athletes armed with water, shampoo, towels, treats, and eventually a hair dryer.

They’d run outside and try to keep the dog in a circle while cleaning the dog in the shortest amount of time before the dog shakes and gets your team soaking wet.

I’m sure, judging by the neighbor looking over the fence (who wouldn’t stop laughing), that it would be a very entertaining event.

Are you ready for the Olympics?

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