Princess Hair

On National Relaxation Day, I noticed a lot of spas were celebrating.

We had recently just heard of a new method to make princess hair … with a sock!

It looks very similar to Anabelle’s Princess Leia hair, but it’s a very different method! My daughters loved this idea since the desert heat makes their hair stick straight.

The ONLY problem with this method is that it needs to stay in overnight.  The ponytail is fairly loose on top of your head, but it still gave Anabelle a headache. Then I remembered a similar (but much faster) technique I used in junior high!

1. Ponytail

2. Basically the same bun, only with hot rollers.

3. Wait a few minutes.  My girls were impatient and didn’t want to wait long though.  Short wait = waves. More than 5 minutes (maybe with a boost of hairspray) = curls.

4.  Too excited to see what it looks like that she won’t let her mom take a picture or brush it.  Mirror!

5.  Show off the princess waves and curls.  It’s ‘princess hair’ because the hair is poofy and the curls and waves are towards the end of the hair.

6. Repeat.

7. Sneak off to do it yourself.


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