Professional Tennis Ball Girl

In our series of hijacking visiting relatives and making them teach us stuff…

Enter Victim#3: Aunt Christina

Aunt Christina is a professional chef, and as such, Katarina was ecstatic to learn the proper way to cut an onion, and make the world’s best risotto.  Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of that experience, but she also did her fair share of coaching during the tennis lesson, having won her share of matches as well.

And when she noticed Anabelle didn’t really care to play tennis but was willing to run after the balls, well, Anabelle got a lesson on what it takes to be a professional ball girl.

It’s safe to say she loved it.

She learned when to run.

And how to properly give a person a ball.

Nope not like this:

Like this:


She was good at it! And she loved it, and…. she might have loved it too much:

Notice her expression and hands.  She started hoping everyone would miss.

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