Pumpkin Pie That Isn’t Pumpkin!?! (Also known as Celebrating National Dessert Day)

In our on and off again series of “Hijacking People When They Come Over and Making Them Teach Us Stuff,” the kids really wanted to bake something yummy for National Dessert Day.

I looked at the pumpkins on our front porch and wondered aloud if we should bake a pumpkin pie.  Our guest (a.k.a. Grandma Mary) scrunched up her nose and said, “That’s a lot of work.”  Then she pointed to the butternut squash straight from her garden and said, “This will be easier and taste exactly the same!”

I said, “Prove it.” And, thus, put her (and kids eager to learn) to work.

First, slice it into 2-3 inch sections. Doesn’t it look like a cantaloupe or melon when it’s sliced?  Bizarre.

2. Have helper hands (kids) pick out the seeds from the middle.

3. Slice off the skin from your sections.

See?  Here’s the section without pulp, seeds, or skins.  So easy!  (Says the writer who just watched.)

4. Cut up your sections into smaller pieces and throw it in a pot.  Add enough water to cover, and boil for about 10 min. or until tender when you fork it.

5. Drain the pot and use the cooked squash as a substitute in your favorite pumpkin pie recipe!

6. While your pie cooks, wash and dry those seeds.  Have your children put them into elaborate designs on the counter to fully dry.  (You can roast these seeds JUST like pumpkin seeds – so yummy and nutritious (30% protein).

7. While the pie cools, take 1 c. REAL heavy cream and whip it up till stiff.  Add a couple T of Sugar and a teaspoon or two of pure vanilla and whip it a little more.  I love real whipped cream!

8. Chill the whipped cream until you’re ready to eat.  Serve each pie slice with a huge dollop of whipped cream and enjoy!  I have no picture to show you this part as my crew was too eager to eat it!  It was delicious!  This pumpkin-pie-that’s-not-pumpkin was better than pumpkin pie, in my opinion. And has more vitamin A in it too!  Hope you try it!

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2 comments to Pumpkin Pie That Isn’t Pumpkin!?! (Also known as Celebrating National Dessert Day)

  • maryanne @ mama smiles

    I love butternut squash, but I’ve never tried making it into pie! Time to try, I guess!

    And REAL whipped cream is amazing!

    • Fun Mom

      Amen! There’s still some in a bowl in the fridge that I’m trying to avoid, but it keeps magically appearing on top of my coffee!

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