Puppets and Punctuation

On this day in 1936, a boy was born that would one day bring great joy to a child like me.

His name was Jim Henson, and I can’t imagine a world without the likes of Miss Piggy or Super Grover. Muppets, Sesame Street, and sure, he had one dud (The Dark Crystal) but considering all the other staggering works of imaginative genius, we’ll let that still slide.

To honor the day, play with puppets of course! The Frugal Family Fun has a hilarious, easy, fast idea on a puppet that your kids will love.
Super Grover’s always been my favorite:

Today is also National Punctuation Day!!!

Now I’m suddenly all conscientious. Should I have used a semi-colon there or a bracket or….. ?
( :

How’s that for using punctuation?  I think we’ll celebrate this day by visiting this link.  Can you spy the bad punctuation?

Victor Borge discusses using punctuation in our everyday speech.

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