Quotes of the Day

You know that you’re old when your daughter asks you for her “Fruitstone Vitamins” because that makes a whole lot more sense to her than Flintstones – since she has no idea who they are!

Sam looked up in the middle of breakfast and said, “You know what’s awkward?”

“No, what’s awkward?”

“When you’re in a public bathroom and they have pictures of people staring at you on the stall door.”  He raised his eyes for emphasis. “Especially if they are of the opposite gender.”

This got the kids rolling on what advertisements would be the worst to post on stall doors.

The winner?

“A photo of a guy in a canoe floating towards you with a scared expression.”

2 comments to Quotes of the Day

  • Joan

    If you’re old, what does that make me?

    • Fun Mom

      Since people confuse you for me, I think you’re still in the same category. But if you want to feel even older, Anabelle told me she has no idea what we’re talking about when we mention videotapes and/or VHS. Their mouths both fell open when they asked what size the nintendo game cartridge was for the original Super Mario Bros. “That’s bigger than my whole DS!” she exclaimed.

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