Rainy Day Fun for Future Video Game Programmers

I love fall weather.  But gloom and lots of rain aren’t usually what I think of when I think of Fall.  Yet, here it is.  And since I don’t want the kids playing video games without the option of running outside too… I told them to get creative and make up their own game.

They looked in nooks and crannies for different items they could use.

Sam made his own dice out of paper (and tape).

He started with inspiration from a video game, but then he got more and more and more elaborate (notice the cards from Cranium?).

and more and and more and MORE elaborate.  Until, it didn’t resemble a Mario video game at all.  But…. as we played and saw just how complicated it was,  Sam said, “Hey this might be a good idea for a video game!”

I agree, since I know I can’t play video games – I get headaches.  And I just got a headache trying to play this board game. Yet all the kids act like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

“Yeah, maybe this game is for . . . Younger people,” Sam admits.

Translation: I’m old.  I think I’m going to go eat some chocolate.  Chocolate… another great rainy day idea.

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