Ramblings of an Allergy Attack

I do have a favorite brand of cough drops.  HALLS® makes them.  Yet, in the last year I’ve been noticing their wrappers.  They have “A Pep Talk In Every Drop™”

Mike says he likes them.  I say they are completely unsympathetic.

“Unsympathetic?” Mike says.  “How?”

I have a tissue in my hand.  “I’m having a cough drop because I don’t feel good.  I’m sniffling and sneezing and coughing.  And then they have the nerve to tell me ‘You’ve survived tougher’.   Excuse me, Mr. Cough Drop Wrapper, but I don’t FEEL good! I don’t want my cough drop to tell me to ‘Buckle down and push forth’ or ‘Put a little strut into it.’”

I sink into the couch with my box of Kleenex® Soft Tissues.  See? They’re soft. Cause they know I don’t feel good.  “Empathy!” I continue.  “Empathy is what we need when we’re not feeling good.”  I growl at the cough drop wrapper.

Mike starts laughing.  I guarantee you, though, HE would never tell me ‘The show must go on. Or work’ when I’m sick.  Cause he’s a smart man.

I’m just saying!

What do you think?  Do you appreciate your cough drop telling you to it’s ‘Nothing You Can’t Handle’?


5 comments to Ramblings of an Allergy Attack

  • Stephanie

    Torn. That’s how I feel.

    Part of me thinks “what do those stupid cough drops know anyhow? THEY don’t feel bad, easy for them to give reassuring comments when their nose isn’t red and sore.”

    On the other hand, I’ve learned that thinking positive changes things. If you look in the mirror & tell yourself you’re a smart, beautiful woman every day, you will start to believe it. When my coworkers ask how I am, I reply “fantastic”regardless of how I really feel & sometimes it changes my attitude for the better.

    It’s all perspective, my friend.

  • Joan

    I’m with you. If I don’t feel well, I want people to feel sorry for me. I definitely don’t want to here “buck up”.

    By the way, I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well.

  • Christina

    I don’t want my cough drop telling me anything. Negative or positive. It’s unsolicited rhetoric. You know, like when you only speak when spoken to as a child. And trust me, I’m not saying anything to a cough drop.

  • Dineen

    I agree, that the take-off on Dove Promises is rather weird for a cough drop. A few encouraging words may be nice, but those seem rather over-the-top peppy, obnoxious and get-back-out-there even though you’re sick and should be resting sort of thing.
    By the way, I don’t like it when Dove Promises switch during the holidays and start spouting Martha Stewart entertaining advice. I want good cheer and comfort with my chocolate, not reminders that I don’t entertain or decorate like the great Omnimedia woman.

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