Read in the Bathtub Day

Lisa Sunde Photography

Doesn’t that sound wonderful on a busy day?

I have always loved the idea of a good soak in a bubble bath while reading.  And yet, I’ve never ever managed to make it a comfortable experience.  Although, to be fair, the amount of times I’ve tried could be counted on one hand.

So, again to be fair, I decided to do a little research on how to properly read in the bath.

Some recommend putting a dry washcloth on the rim, after you’ve filled the tub.  Then get in without letting your hands get wet and have the dry washcloth for when you need to set the book down or if your hands do get wet.

With all the kindles and nooks, I read that many people read in the bath with their electronic reader in a ziploc bag!  They just read through the plastic.  I wonder though, if you had a hot bath, wouldn’t the bag show signs of it – condensation and the like? Hmmm.

But the two things that finally convinced me that a comfortable bubble bath for reading could be achieved was the discovery of this bath caddy – you can even have a drink on the side.

Then I saw an array of memory foam bathtub pillows.  It’s on the list for someday.  Until then, I’m satisfied knowing that it’s possible, but if any of you have great tips on ways to make reading in the bathtub a luxury (and not a pain) without these gadgets please fill me in!

Just thinking about it makes me feel relaxed. Ah.  Now back to the real world…

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